Day Care Tuition and Fees

Class Registration Fee Monthly Fee
Nursery (Rooms 130,131,134-135) $150.00 please call
Toddlers (Rooms 127,129,138,139) $150.00 please call
2 Year olds all day Daycare

1/2 day (8:00-12:00) Learning Time and Lunch


$150.00 (due each August 1)  


please call


Aftercare K-3 (6:00-7:30, 11:30-5:30)**For children attending
K3 in the Elementary
(No Registration Fee) $15.00 daily
Aftercare K-4 – 6th Grade (6:00-7:30,3:00-5:30) **For children attending
K4-6th Grade in the Elementary
(No Registration Fee) $9.00 daily

Additional Information

  • Infant through Toddlers will have a $25.00 supply fee due each August 1.
  • Lunch fee with milk is $1.75 for children through 4 year old daycare class. You may purchase a lunch ticket for your child. When this amount gets low your child’s teacher will let you know so you can buy another one.
  • You will receive a 10% discount for the second child and 20% for the third child you have enrolled. Children must be enrolled full time to receive discount.
  • No reductions will be made for absences, holidays or daycare closure.
  • Families who are enrolled full time for 12 months will receive two weeks of “tuition vacation”. Please give us written notice one week in advance so we can note it on your account.