My name is Madison Amos and I am a 2014 alumna. Each of my teachers invested their hearts not only into my education, but my relationship with Christ. I have since then graduated college and run a cinematography business. Coosa is a school that is personal, spiritually driven, and blessed by God.

- Alumni Spotlight - Madison Amos Burwell

Zachary Elrod

Graison Neal earned the most AR points, in the elementary school, for the 1st 9 Weeks. He enjoys reading because books allow him to be apart of different adventures. He enjoys reading mysteries and graphic novels. “Reading is awesome!”- Graison Neal

- Student Spotlight - Graison Neal

Jillian Neal

"I have been teaching at Coosa Christian since 2009. I love the family atmosphere that I have always felt here. Each day I teach, I enjoy being able to plant a seed while watching my students grow spiritually and academically."

- Teacher Spotlight - Jillian Neal -- 2020 Elementary Teacher of the Year