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Mrs. Tow

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Welcome to High School Language Arts at Coosa Christian!

I have been teaching for over ten years; this is my (second) yet favorite career. Students are creative, intelligent, compassionate, and capable of greatness. They give me hope. I encourage you to join us and get involved with Coosa's youth to help build a brighter future for Gadsden, for Alabama, for America.

Goals: To invest in Gadsden's youth and empower them academically, socially, and spiritually with the knowledge that God loves them and has "plans to prosper [them] and not to harm [them], plans to give [them] hope and a future" (NIV, Jer. 29. 11).

Education: Associate in Science, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts in Education/Secondary Teacher Education

Certification: State of Alabama

Recent Professional Development: Alabama State Department of Education MEGA Conference 2021 & 2022, Alabama Educational Technology Conference 2021

Welcome to my classroom,

Mrs. Tina Tow